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The Trouble Twins and The Prefect

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Welcome to grangertwins100! A community devoted to drabbles centered around Hermione and the Weasley Twins, Fred and George.

Challenges are posted on Sundays.
The Rules

• Each drabble should focus on the combination of Hermione with both or either of Fred & George. Drabbles focusing soley on the pairing of Fred/George aren't allowed.
• Each drabble should be 100 words in length.
• Gen, and het drabbles are allowed.
• If you post more than one drabble at a time, please put each drabble after the first behind a cut.
• If you post a drabble with NC17 or potentially squicky content, please put it behind a cut.
• Speaking of, this community will contain adult content, and you must be 18 to join and post.
• You may post responses only for the current challenge topic.
• Please put the title of the drabble in the subject line of your post, and include the challenge. pairing, word count, and any warnings or notes in your header.
• While listing the pairing and any warnings in the headers is now mandatory if you prefer - either to retain the element of surprise or for some other reason - you may put pairings and/or warnings under cut tags.
• You don't have to post if you join; lurking is just fine.
• No off-topic posts allowed.
• No crossovers unless allowed by the specific weekly challenge topic.
• To suggest a topic for a weekly challenge, please leave a comment in the Suggestion Box.
• The moderator reserves the right to delete posts that don't adhere to the rules.


All HP characters and concepts are copyrighted by JK Rowling and Warner Bros; this community and its contents are intended for non-profit, entertainment purposes only. No infringement intended.


If you want to affiliate with grangertwins100, contact the mods, or go to the relevant post which is linked to in the sidebar.
Suggestion Box
If you want to suggest a challenge, go to the post which is linked in the sidebar.
You can contact the mod via, grangertwins100@gmail.com

Your friendly neighbourhood mod is sellthelie
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